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Domestic Violence Attorney

Ms. Sena, a graduate of the world-renowned Stanford Law School, has spent fifteen years working with some of Southern California's top criminal defense lawyers and has built one of Orange County's most effective spousal abuse and domestic violence defense firms.

Ms. Sena is well versed in the legal intricacies of domestic violence law (which may include charges such as spousal abuse, spousal battery, brandishing a weapon, brandishing a firearm, vandalism, stalking, cutting a utility line, criminal threats, terrorist threats, disturbing the peace, restraining order violations, child abuse or child neglect, or elder abuse.) Read the Orange County Domestic Violence blog section of Staycie Sena's Orange County criminal lawyer blog. She also spends a good deal of time analyzing every case for collateral issues, such as immigration consequences or professional license revocations, which may result from criminal charges.

Ms. Sena has handled well over 1,000 domestic violence or spousal abuse cases in Orange County and routinely gets cases dismissed or reduced. She also got numerous defendants acquitted (or found "not guilty") after jury trial.


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